Documentary to Debunk Resurrection Story?

I cannot help but be excited about and upcoming James Cameron documentary (or Titanic fame). The documentary supposedly used rigorous scientific methods to determine that a burial chamber, found almost 30 years ago, is indeed the final resting place of Jesus (yeah, that one!) along with his family. This includes Maria (the virgin Mary), Mariamne (Mary Magdalene), two brothers and (potentially) his son (The bloodline of Da Vinci Code fame!!). You can see the Discovery channel's on-line promo of the documentary here. The Discovery channel will be running it a number of times, but it is to premier on March 4th at 8:00pm (central time).

Of course the controversy has already started and criticisms are being proffered by those who have not seen the film or the book. Even if this showed irrefutable proof that Jesus is just another dead guy, the religious apologists would be able to spin it. The resurrection story that I grew up with was 1) he died, 2) they put him in a tomb, 3) they sealed the tomb, 4) they came back and he was gone!!! There was no ambiguity in the story I heard untold times . . . he was gone . . . poof. I understand that not all sects of Christianity fully endorse the physical ascension, but rather a spiritual ascension. BORING!! That is not NEARLY as interesting a story as what I grew up with.

I really expect little or nothing to come out of this film. Even if convincing, what should be a fatal blow to a central tenet of the faith will simply get spun and reinterpreted for the followers. Give them about two years for the religious 'scholars' to create the least disruptive explanation and to build a framework of other supporting 'facts' that can be easily fed to the flock.

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Mojoey said...

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FVThinker said...

Well the documentary was about what I figured it would be. Going on just one source (the film), the science and math seemed plausible. We will see if rigorous, independent review gives any more credence to the claims.

I find it very amusing, though, to see the so many believers claiming it to be fraud. Still others say that no amount of evidence could change their beliefs! This latter position, to me, seems intellectually retarded. Oh well . . . its nothing new.

I saw message boards that lambasted Ted Koppel for being grossly biased against the filmmakers when mediating the follow up debate. I actually thought he did a fair job. He had to cut the film’s director off a couple of times because he was speaking out of turn, but those are the rules.

Will something come of this? Maybe . . . . maybe not. Time will tell.

Ryan Jennings said...

I saw the documentary you write about here...yes very intriguing...very intriguing bad science...

you, who champion empirical evidence should be appalled at the leaps Cameron makes in this film.

1 example: the eyewitnesses were clear that the burial chamber was very close to Golgotha (a highly recognizable site in Israel to this day). Just one of many of Cameron's leaps in the film.

I enjoyed the film though...even though it was terribly performed scientific inquiry I invite more and more of such inquiries...if the Resurrection is the truth, it will hold up for another say, 2,000 years.

FVThinker said...

I won't quibble with you here. I may disagree on what aspects of the science were good and bad, but it was certainly underwhelming.

FVThinker said...

...but I did so enjoy the furor and scathing commentary re: the film...all prior to anyone having even seen it. :-)